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Our gemstone pendants and necklaces are designed to tap into your inner wisdom & limitless potential. Be empowered to live your most authentic purpose with confidence, presence & inner peace.

We believe your story should be celebrated with beautiful jewelry that speaks to love, emotion, truth, and healing - all that makes our human experience. Spark joy & connection to color and discover a gemstone's unique meaning & energetic properties.

Shop our jewelry & make a personal connection to your favorites! 

From Generations of Jewelers...

Jewelry design is in our ancestry. Our inspiration comes from nature, art & divine guidance. 

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Mark Berman


Kristin’s love for the beauty of jewelry and its sentiment started at a young age. Her appreciation for gemstones is deeply rooted from time spent in her family’s jewelry store, which has been in operation for generations. Her creativity shined in the beauty industry for more than two decades along with her passion for deep human and spiritual connection. She earned her RYT certification in Yoga, several in Mindfulness, certifications in the properties of gemstones, diamonds and jewelry at the Gemological Institute of America, a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Business from St. John Fisher College.

Kristin became enamored with rough uncut material her husband Mark was working with. This sparked an interest to learn more of the stones history and significance.

Mark views the world through an artist’s lens. As a student of gemology and art history, his passion for fine stylistic detail thrives while collaborating with Kristin. A veteran jeweler, he has studied the mechanics that are required of fine jewelry and combines that with the ingenuity he infuses.

His formal training includes attending the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California earning a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist certification and studying jewelry design and manufacturing at NYC Fashion Institute of Technology. Mark has been designing and manufacturing jewelry since 2004.

With their combined experiences and passion to see life in color, exquisite craftsmanship and a magical customer experience is their highest intention. For more on Pendulum’s jewelry and process, click here. We cannot wait for you to “feel the energy” adorning our gems.

Design with Intention

We cannot wait for you to “feel the energy” adorning our gems.

Evoke the Senses

Beautiful colors from the Earth are a treat to your sight. Discover the meaning of color and its connection to your spiritual self.

Connect to the Elements

Every gemstone embodies unique chemical compositions. Tap into the energetic properties that make us one with nature.

Meaningful Design

Spark joy and connection to your jewelry. Our pendants and necklaces are designed to tap into our innate wisdom, honor ancient symbols and signs and tap into one's limitless potential.

Memorable Moments

Whether a gift you receive or a gift to yourself or someone else, Pendulum pendants and necklaces capture the feeling of a moment in time.