Turquoise & diamond, smooth cabochon surface. Unique veining from copper content, greenish hues from the earth’s iron. Mined in Kingman Arizona.

Metaphysical Properties

Turquoise is linked to powerful personal protection, for which it has been used for millennia. Enables communication from the highest source of love. Turqupise eases feelings of negativity & low self-esteem. Turquoise supports and energizes the thymus chakra over the breastbone, boosting immunity.

A diamond has carries the highest healing frequency, opening all chakras and expanding the energy field or aura, around the body. Encourages full awareness of spiritual energy within the physical body, Recalls a person’s true destiny and purpose. Wearing a diamond is a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy.

Chain Material

Type of Chain

Stone Weight

Accent Stone

Accent Stone Weight

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