Pink Opal, diamond, rose cut with soft curved surface. Mined in Peru.

Metaphysical Properties

Opals are found in many different colors and can be matched to the chakra to which they correspond, for example, red to the root or blue to the throat. Generally, in crystal healing, opals are seen as emotionally supportive, stabilizing mood swings and helping to increase trust in one’s feelings. The more the fiery-looking opals increase vitality, passion, and zest for life. If you are drawn to an opal, then go ahead and wear it.

A diamond has carries the highest healing frequency, opening all chakras and expanding the energy field or aura, around the body. Encourages full awareness of spiritual energy within the physical body, Recalls a person’s true destiny and purpose. Wearing a diamond is a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy.

Chain Material

Type of Chain

Stone Weight

Accent Stone Weight

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